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By Josh Bartolomucci | July 24, 2007

Changelog and Notes:

  • CART:
    • IMPORTANT: Action required. Added Update and Checkout buttons to the top of the cart. Changed IDs of the bottom buttons as well.
    • IMPORTANT: Action required. Added 3 remove from cart links. You have to decide which one to use and which ones to hide with css.
    • Allow "cart=checkout" to be added to bypass the cart page entirely (going straight to checkout).
    • Removed an XSS vulnerability. (All previous versions were patched as well.)
    • Allows for price = 0 products to be added to the cart.
    • Put all cart error messages in the store's cart template.
    • Fixed IE6/7 issues with top right "[x]" link in theme.foxybox.css.
    • Removed an XSS vulnerability. (All previous versions were patched as well.)
    • Updated CVV2 tooltip to behave better in IE6 and Opera. Also updated to move up to avoid displaying outside of the window boundaries.
    • Added Google analytics hidden form to the receipt if you include ^^analytics_google^^ in your template after ^^receipt^^ or ^^checkout^^. For more information on the other required script tags, check Google's site.
    • Fixed a bug with custom fields where the post value "use_different_addresses" was seen as a custom field.
    • Allows for total price = 0 on checkout and hides credit card fields unless a future subscription is involved.
    • Added a z-index to the autocomplete drop down box (country and state/province fields) to help with relatively positioned containers.
  • Functionality / Admin:
    • Fixed character encoding issues with template caching. Replaced & with & in all templates when displayed in the textarea.
    • Added the ability to specify a store from address for all emails other than using the store address.
    • Added Version Change Log to the reports section.
  • foxycart_includes.js:
    • Updated to jQuery
    • Increased default foxybox size to 500x350.
    • Fixed issue with insecure warnings in IE6 and IE7.