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By Josh Bartolomucci | August 13, 2007

Changelog and Notes:

    • Added Purchase Order payment option
    • DHL Shipping (domestic only). Please consider DHL integration BETA at this point.
    • Fixed country/state validation errors along with showing/hiding the error labels.
    • Fixed auto-fill problem where "Continue" link would do nothing.
    • Changed div#fc_shipping_result to hide rather than just clear the content.
    • Clears out shipping options if there's a change in the country, state or zip code
    • Combined and packed two javascript includes to improve page load times.
  • DataFeed:
    • Added XML FoxyCart Version 0.4 to include "purchase_order" field.
  • Functionality / Admin:
    • New Payment Gateway option: Purchase Order. If this option is selected, the customer will not need to enter a credit card to complete a purchase.
    • DHL Shipping options
    • Fixed country/state validation errors along with showing/hiding the error labels.
    • Fixed error logging where shipping method errors were returning too much information.
    • Removed all passwords for GET and POST error log views.
    • Added the user agent and ip address to the store error logging.
    • Fixed a bug that wasn't setting weight = 0 for non-shippable items when creating new product categories.
    • Fixed a bug which would allow you to unset your default store.
  • foxycart_includes.js:
    • Added the optional fc_PreProcess(data) function which can be defined in your code. Much like the fc_BuildFoxyCart() function which is called when the cart is closed, this function is called before the cart is opened. This function can be used to do some error checking on your form fields before it is processed. If this function returns false, the cart will not open, so you must return true if you want the cart to display.
    • Fixed bug in jQuery to prevent crashing older versions of Safari. (Rolled back to previous store versions where applicable.)
    • All li.fc_row elements have been changed from text-align:right to text-align:left.
    • All label.fc_label_left elements have gained the text-align:right declaration.
    • All label.fc_label_left elements have changed padding-right:5px to 10px.