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By Josh Bartolomucci | December 19, 2007


Please view the upgrade notes in the wiki.



  • Set your own loading animations by defining fc_tb_pathToImage in your javascript, prior to calling foxycart_includes.jsDetails in the wiki..
  • Set default foxybox dimensions with javascript (define fc_tb_WIDTH and fc_tb_HEIGHT), rather than using the x:width method. Details in the wiki.


Improvements & Bug Fixes

System Wide

  • Safari appears to no longer randomly loses sessions. This fixes all associated problems, including disappearing cached images, disappearing cart contents, and hanging on the checkout.


  • FoxyBox (the customized Thickbox included in foxycart_includes.js) has been upgraded to use Thickbox 3.1 code.
  • All FoxyBox IDs, classes, and functions have had their prefixes changed from fc_ to fc_tb_ in order to more cleanly group Thickbox related elements.


  • Fixed a bug that improperly displayed "Please enter a Country, Postal Code and State and click here to display your shipping options."
  • "Custom Shipping Options", including "Free ground shipping" and "Customer pickup", have been changed to ignore category handling fees.


  • Fixed an issue with certain characters that would cause datafeeds to not be sent as expected.
  • Added controls to datafeed processing to prevent duplicate datafeeds from being sent.