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By Josh Bartolomucci | May 11, 2009


Please view the upgrade notes in the wiki. If you have any issues with v051 please let us know.


FoxyCart JavaScript

  • IMPORTANT: jQuery is no longer called in noConflict mode. Any $j() or $j. javascript references will no longer function by default. Please see the documentation about re-mapping the $j shortcut back to jQuery, or the changelog to adjust your own javascript accordingly.
  • Upgraded jQuery to version 1.3.2.

System Wide

  • The XML datafeed now happens immediately upon a successful transaction.
  • The XML datafeed is now tied to the store version as of v0.5.1., so upgrading to v0.5.1 will also update your XML datafeed version.
  • The FoxyCart session name has changed to fcsid.
  • FoxyCart javascript and CSS files (such as foxycart_includes.js and theme CSS files) can now be called using http://.
  • The template caching funcitonality now errors if any cached file returns an HTTP response code equal to or greater than 300.
  • Shipping account numbers now configurable on a per-store basis for account-specific rate requests for UPS.
  • Most gateways now allow an "auth-only" setting (as opposed to the default "auth-capture" functionality).


  • Single Sign-On (SSO) (aka Shared Authentication): Single Sign-On is now available. Please see the documentation for details.

XML Datafeed: New Fields

  • shipto_addresses
    • address_id
    • date_created
    • date_modified
  • transactions
    • subscription_end_date
    • next_transaction_date
  • transaction_details
    • downloadable_url

Improvements, Notes, & Bug Fixes


  • FoxyCart will no longer throw an error if someone has a "coupon" input field on their add-to-cart form but the user doesn't enter a coupon.
  • Focus is now set to the first a.fc_link_forward when the cart loads. This will prevent awkward cart reloading in certain situations when using forms to add items to the cart.
  • You can now add hidden (h:) cart attributes while doing a cart=view.
  • Added sub_startdate and sub_frequency to the JSON cart object.


  • The CSC help link is no longer part of the tab index.
  • TEXT and STANDARD default themes have been adjusted slightly to handle the changes to the customer_email input when shared authentication is enabled.