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By Josh Bartolomucci | December 15, 2009


Please view the upgrade notes in the wiki. If you have any issues with v060 please let us know.


System Wide

  • Added support for full language files other than English. Chinese has been added to this version.
  • Added the ability to filter the transaction report in the admin to show only transactions that have not been processed by the datafeed. Additionally, you can process individual unfed transactions by clicking on the link in the details of the transaction.
  • When a transaction is completed by the datafeed fails an email is now sent to all users with access to that store.
  • Added ^^sub_token_url^^ as a valid place holder for the receipt email template.
  • Added the ability to cancel your own FoxyCart subscription directly from the admin.
  • The FoxyCart admin is now completely versioned as of 060. This will give us increased flexibility to update the admin and add new features without breaking existing live stores.
  • Added language customization support for PayPoint GatewayPayPal Payflow Pro, and Cybersource.
  • You can now get rated shipments from FedEx provided you have your Account Number, Production Password, Production Meter Number and Authentication Key.
  • Improved FedEx error messages
  • You can now directly add and remove user access to your FoxyCart store admin. Just use the new add user menu item.


  • True guest checkout support with configurable options in the admin under the checkout template. The customer experience on the checkout can be either guest and account (defaulting to account), guest and account (defaulting to guest), guest only or account only.
  • Paypal Express is now supported as a payment gateway option.
  • Multiple Payment options are now supported on the checkout including Purchase Order, Credit or Debit card and Paypal express.
  • In the admin, you can now specify how you would like the customer's address to be rated. It can either bet to commercial, residential or you can have it dynamically determine one or ther other based on if they field in the company field.
  • Added the Issue Number and Start Date for Maestro and Solo UK debit cards.
  • Added a "receipt continue" url to the admin so this value no longer has to be set via JavaScript. This is where the customer will land after hitting continue on the receipt. The default behavior is to return to the initial referrer URL or the store's home page if there isn't a referrer.
  • Added URL encoding to Google analytics and if no product code was provided as the SKU for Google, the product name is used.


  • Implemented subscription_get and subscription_cancel API calls using the sub_token or the sub_token_url.

XML Datafeed: New Fields

  • transactions
    • is_anonymous
    • cc_number_masked
    • cc_type
    • cc_exp_month
    • cc_exp_year

Improvements, Notes, & Bug Fixes


  • Improved the method in which an "update" is required on the cart after changing quantities. Removed the span.fc_cart_notice elements as part of this change.
  • Added the class fc_cart_controls to the cart control div elements.
  • Added the classes fc_text and fc_text_short to the quantity input fields on the cart.
  • Added the class fc_text to the input#fc_coupon element.
  • Fixed a bug where cart=updateinfo breaks if you currently have something in your cart. Now it empties your cart first (patched back to 0.5.1).
  • Added custom classes for product options, based on the option name. So, for example, a custom product option named color would yield a class of fc_cart_item_color on the parent <li> element.
  • All html is now stripped from the data sent to the cart.
  • Fix for unstyled cart on cart=view if nothing had been added to the cart yet.
  • When emptying the line items from the cart, coupons are now also removed.


  • Fix for rated UPS shipments not showing up as expected.
  • Fix for "Shipping Information" string not being a customizable language string on the receipt (patched back to 040)
  • Fix for future subscriptions with order totals of 0 were not validating the credit card number.
  • When subscriptions are in the cart, guest checkouts are no longer allowed.
  • Fix for multiship where postal code changes were not triggering an update in shipping rates (patched back to 040).
  • Additional language strings have been added to the store settings related to the guest/returning customer options.
  • Removed the div.fc_inner_extra elements on the checkout HTML.
  • Added .fc_row to additional elements on the checkout HTML (including the div#fc_continue element).
  • Changed all .fc_label_left to .fc_pre.
  • Changed all .fc_text_label classes (used on span elements) to .fc_pre.
  • Removed .label_radio and .labelInline classes. Added .fc_radio class to labels related to radio elements.
  • Changed classes relating to input[type=checkbox] elements. Changed .fc_label_checkbox classes to .fc_checkbox. Removed .fc_input_checkbox_text classes from related span elements, and removed span.fc_input_checkbox_container wrappers around checkbox elements.
  • Added the class fc_row_actions to the div#fc_continue.fc_row element.
  • Removed the ID fc_complete_order_button_container from the button#fc_complete_order_button container element. Added classes fc_row and fc_row_actions to the container div.
  • Added the class fc_readonly to all input elements with readonly="readonly".
  • Renamed and moved the #p_login_result_ paragraph elements within the parent fieldset to avoid the jumpiness as they are shown/hidden. Added the class fc_account_message to the elements. Moved the span#login_ajax element below the customer_email input.
  • Added a p#fc_account_message_sso.fc_account_message element beneath the customer_email input for single sign-on authenticated users.
  • Fix for checkout_error_session language string not being pulled correctly from the store when no transaction id was available (patched back to 0.5.1)
  • Removed the "undefined" string that would show up when no valid shipping options have been configured for that request (patched back to 0.5.1).
  • Fix for Cybersource gateway not doing a full capture as expected. It now supports auth only or capture (patched back to 0.5.1).

System Wide

  • The API and the XML Datafeed now wrap all XML data in CDATA tags to avoid character encoding issues.
  • Fix for taxes including coupon discounts when they should not.
  • Payflow Pro gateway was being sent a "_" character as part of the INVNUM which was incorrect (patched back to all working versions).
  • Fix for ^^receipt_only_begin^^ place holder information not working as expected (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for the receipt_only place holder information to be positioned correctly (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for eWay orders over $1,000 not being formatted correctly (patched back to 040).
  • Fix for not showing the correct Gateway transaction id (patched back to 040).
  • Fix for Paypal Auth Only not working as expected (patched back to 051).
  • Added extra cellspacing and cellpadding declarations in the email receipts (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for realex gateway being sent the wrong expiration date (patched back to 040).
  • Fix for UPS errors not being handled or logged correctly (patched back to 040).
  • Fix for taxes not being added correctly in the admin when creating a new product category (patched back to all working versions).
  • Added email validation to the API (patched back to 051).
  • Limiting state and province code to two characters to avoid breaking international FedEx requests (patched back to 051).
  • Added quoting around all store names because the new server was choking on the store name being in the "From" address (patched back to all working versions).
  • Removing & from coupon code line item details sent to Paypal (patched back to 051)
  • Fix for customer_password not being matched against customer_password2 (this was broken as of version 040, so we patched back to 040, 050 and 051)
  • Fixed a bug with Single Sign On and Offline payments throwing an error regarding the CSC (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for free shipping not showing up for domestic rate requests within a country other than the US (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for First-Class Mail Parcel and First-Class Mail Flat which have the same ClassID (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for usps v3 rate requests (patched back to 051)
  • Fix for quantum gateway to include taxes and shipping as separate items (patched back to 051).
  • Fixed the javascript overload function not working as expected (patched back to 051).
  • Added jQuery's getJSON additonal get values ("callback" and "_") to the cart excludes (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for handling fees showing up before live shipping rates were calculated and the masked CC number not being displayed (patched back to 051).
  • Various fixes for when the checkout page reloads after a gateway error including preselecting the correct shipping methods (patched back to 051).
  • Multiple fixes for displaying Paypal line item details (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for FedEx drop types and container types not being pulled from the admin as expected (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for $0 checkout not working as expected (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for shared auth redirecting back to the home page as part of the "shared_auth_redirect_count" check not being cleared upon successful token authentication (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for sha1 password hash types (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for taxes calculated on shipping rates (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for Single Sign On when the fc_customer_id is 0. Also fixes a bug which was asking for the CSC for a shared CC card even when it's not needed (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for XML (datafeed and API) now showing date created and date modified values (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for hidden custom fields not being in the transaction for the datafeed as expected (patched back to 051).
  • Added more robust template caching error messages including when the title tag is missing (patched back to all working versions).
  • Added ^^ip_address^^ as a valid place holder (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for errors in the transaction history display in situations where taxes are adjusted after a transaction is completed (patched back to 051).
  • Fix for an issue with specific gateway responses that were available only in English even though they were translated to other languages.

Language Additions

  • Note: All language fields with a "checkout_javascript" prefix were renamed to just a "checkout" prefix. We recommend you copy any of these customized values before upgrading.
  • New language fields:
    • cart_updateinfo
    • cart_error_subscription_paypal
    • checkout_sso_already_logged_in
    • checkout_instructions_email_checking
    • checkout_issue_number
    • checkout_error_issue_number
    • checkout_start_date
    • checkout_error_start_date
    • checkout_as_guest
    • checkout_as_customer
    • checkout_as_returning_customer
    • checkout_pay_with_credit_card
    • checkout_pay_with_paypal
    • checkout_payment_method_paypal
    • checkout_payment_method_paypal_confirmed
    • checkout_purchase_order_number
    • checkout_pay_with_purchase_order
    • checkout_processor_response_na
    • checkout_redirecting_to_paypal
    • checkout_no_account_enter_password_account_only
    • checkout_updateinfo_logged_in
    • checkout_updateinfo_email_not_found
    • checkout_found_customer_info_account_only
    • checkout_found_customer_info_logged_in
    • checkout_create_an_account
  • Modified default language strings:
    • checkout_javascript_no_account_enter_password (and renamed to checkout_no_account_enter_password)
    • checkout_javascript_found_customer_info (and renamed to checkout_found_customer_info)
    • checkout_javascript_error_incorrect_password (and renamed to checkout_error_incorrect_password)
    • checkout_delivery_and_subtotal
    • validation_error_encrypt_and_save