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Changes for the week 2017-04-30

By Sami Fiaz | April 30, 2017

Changes for the week 2017-04-30

  • v2.0: Fixing Link/Form encrypting when query strings include hidden values. Also improving how we handle textareas and select options.
  • v2.0: Trimming the customer_email address on the checkout to avoid issues with FireFox throwing a validation error.
  • v2.0: Updates to our Google reCAPTCHA functionality.
  • v2.0: Removing the 37px width on hosted payment methods as they were skewing some of the images.
  • v2.0: Ensuring the internal caching of twig data for the cart is consistent with the context involved.
  • v2.0: Adding Google reCAPTCHA support to the checkout.
  • v2.0: Improving our integration with Pay with Amazon if PayPal is also enabled.
  • v2.0: Supporting payment card numbers with 19 digits.
  • v2.0: Improving the help text for the Vantiv report group field.
  • hAPI: Fixing a potential security issue related to incorrect access to the user resource.
  • hAPI: Fix for an issue processing transactions when reCAPTCHA is enabled.