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Changes for the week ending 2012-09-09

By Sami Fiaz | September 10, 2012

Changes for the week ending 2012-09-09:

  • v0.4.0 - v1.0: Fix for data not being properly escaped for JSON.
  • All versions: Adding the FoxyCart phone number to emails being sent from Admin.
  • v1.0: Added GoMerchant Payment Gateway.
  • v1.0: You can now configure your store to not automatically charge past due amounts. Just go to the advanced settings page to turn this feature off (it's on by default).
  • v1.0: Bug in Filter system for the next_transaction_date_day_filter.
  • v1.0 Error logs showing raw HTML instead of a link to the transaction id. 
  • v1.0: Added Cynergydata Lucy Payment Gateway.
  • v1.0: Category emails were not being saved correctly. This issue has been fixed.