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Changes for the week ending 2014-09-07

By Sami Fiaz | September 08, 2014

Changes for the week ending 2014-09-07

  • Geonames postal code lookup is added.
  • The checkout, receipt and emails now better respect the config settings for billing fields.
  • Fix for checkout.render() no longer blowing away cart events.
  • Small fix to admin category display.
  • Update to geonames for the UK.
  • Disabling postal code lookup if it's not enabled in the admin.
  • Removing credit card start date and issue number information.
  • Adding a sidecart disable option via body data attribute data-fc-sidecart-disabled .
  • Fix for bitcoin logo on the admin activation page.
  • Added some missing language strings.
  • Fix for state text showing "1" when not doing a postal code lookup.