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Changes for the week ending 2014-09-14

By Sami Fiaz | September 15, 2014

Changes for the week ending 2014-09-14

  • Added an updated Norwegian language file.
  • Fix for payment amount not being saved correctly.
  • Fix for postal code lookup not showing the best value.
  • Fix for bundled products with quantity 0.
  • Fix for custom fields keeping their values after render or checkout reload on error.
  • Improvement to access restriction rules.
  • Fix for too much recursion infinite loop in FireFox on quantity change in the checkout cart.
  • Fix for how USPS manages United Kingdom (all versions)
  • Adding empty=reset to 1.1.
  • Updating checkout_payment_method_* language strings.
  • Amazon Gateway improvements.
  • FedEx can now rate shipments to Canada for those in Canada.
  • Fix for If-None-Match usage instead of ETag for the client request.
  • Respect that the country region may be optional for taxes/shipping.
  • Update for how we're handling fractional pricing in the cart to get around all the strange JavaScript floating point issues.
  • Fix for DHL include for v2.0.
  • Admin style fix for radio button container.
  • Store logo_url set to 200 chars instead of just 100.
  • Taxes are now calculated server side and a tax request fires off every time the shipping costs change.
  • Many sidecart improvements and bugfixes.
  • Adding in support for multiship custom checkout fields per shipment.
  • Fix for $ alias which was breaking jQuery no conflict setups.
  • Fix for all store versions being shown after creating a new store.
  • Fix for handling fees not being taxed as they should be.
  • Fix for custom fields in emails not replacing _ with a space.