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Changes for the week ending 2014-11-23

By Sami Fiaz | November 24, 2014

Changes for the week ending 2014-11-23

  • v2.0: Adding a template.clearOutput() to customer-email-update .
  • v2.0: Adding checkboxes and radio buttons to field validation.
  • v2.0: data-fc-context for cart_is_fullpage now respected.
  • v2.0: Console logging cleanup for FireFox.
  • v1.1 - 2.0: Added gateway: Cardstream.
  • v2.0: Fixed some issue with Smartscreen Gateway.
  • v2.0: Some style fixed for IE8.
  • v2.0: Google Analytics improvements, Google Analytics custom fields no longer cleared on cart empty.
  • v2.0: AJAX email check no longer happening on guest checkout.
  • Automagicache improvements for comments.
  • v2.0: Fix for bundling when the product code changes via an option modifier.
  • v2.0: Adding some payment icons.
  • Allowing class or data attribute to bypass sidecart.
  • Some fixes to enable the API to work with 2.0 files.
  • loader.js works for file: based development.