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Changes for the week ending 2015-1-4

By | January 05, 2015

Changes for the week ending 2015-1-4:

  • v2.0: Added Coinbase gateway
  • v2.0: Added various Amazon Payments improvements.
  • Added Rosetta Flash fixes for all versions (inclues a crossdomain.xml file).
  • v1.0 - v2.0: Added the discount helper tool to the admin.
  • v2.0: Updated PsiGate to have the correct country values.
  • v2.0: Changing Certificate to Certificate String for ProPay
  • v2.0: Added FoxyCart OrderID to Stripe metadata
  • v2.0: Added header logging for
  • v2.0: Removed search for Japanese addresses
  • v2.0: Added subscription past due amount rebilling endpoint /process_past_due_subscription