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Happy Holidays, 2007

By Brett Florio | December 11, 2007

Arts & Crafts

Happy holidays from FoxyCart! The following image was made with real foamy felt things. Take that, Photoshop!

Holiday Conversion Tips

Multi-Ship == More Sales

As mentioned previously, adding multiple ship-to functionality on FoxyCart’s one-page checkout is pretty neat stuff. If you remind your shoppers that they have other people to buy for, they’re much more likely to buy more stuff. We know, it’s a deep revelation.

Emphasize how fast and easy it is

With FoxyCart’s one-page checkout, buying an item from your store is really, really fast. Might as well let your customers know that they’re only 2 minutes away from completing their order.

Free Ground Shipping

We recently added a “Free Ground Shipping” option in our shipping section. Free shipping is always nice, but at this point in the gift-buying season, odds are they’re going to want it expedited anyway, so you can entice your customers to buy, then help them realize they actually don’t want your free shipping. And if they do want it, you still make a sale. Huzzah!

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