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Announcing DogeCart

Announcing DogeCart

By Fred Alger | March 31, 2014

Here at FoxyCart we're known for bold decisions: early support of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, a globally distributed team, git over SVN, PHP over Java, eggs overeasy, toast with jam, and breakfast after noon, just to mix things up.

But there's one thing that's held us back: people always ask about the name. "Why is the cart Foxy?," they ask, puzzled.  We fumble, making empty gestures with our hands, eventually staring far off into space as we mumble, weakly, "because it's neat."

Is there actually a Fox?  Where is its tail?  What does it say?

Or is Foxy just a synonym for "dandy and fine, thank you very much?"  We don't know!

It's a question that we've struggled with, spending hours sketching elaborate whiteboard diagrams, brainstorming, consulting oracles, and playing intense rounds of 2048, deep in thought, never finding a satisfying answer.

Until today: we're fixing this once and for all. We don't know what the Fox says, and we're really not keen on "DandyAndFineThankYouVeryMuchCart," so we've adopted the unofficial mascot of the Internet: the Shiba Inu AKA Doge.

That's right, we're proud to announce our re-branding as DogeCart! What could communicate our position as e-commerce thought leaders better than adopting an Internet meme as our central identity? Now we can say with confidence, "We're DogeCart, damnit, no more of this business with the foxes!"

And, as you can see from the icon above, the Doge is in the Cart, so there's no confusion there!  And GREAT NEWS!  Your FoxyCart store is guaranteed to be 100% DogeCart compatible! :)

Well… It seems that there's always one more source of disagreement. There is some argument about the pronunciation of Doge.  While we're settling scores, "Doge" in DogeCart will be pronounced as Doge, not Doge or Doge.

Starting today, all employees will now be paid in Dogecoin. They will have to find a way to exchange those for groceries and rent but ah… what's this?  A DogeCart grocery store, accepting DOGECOIN!  And the finest virtual accommodations that Dogecoin can buy!

We are very excited to bring you this amazing e-commerce revolution. With the possibilities created by DogeCart and Dogecoin, we can all have Internet fame, Internet fortune, and Internet retirement to an Internet island where we'll live like Internet kings!  Wow.







Had enough of this foolishness?  Click here to remove the doge theme.

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