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Shark with Lasers, v2.0
Shark with Lasers, v2.0

FoxyCart 2.0 Beta Arrives (!)


At some point in the past few months you requested early access to FoxyCart 2.0’s Beta, and today we’re proud to announce it’s available for testing.

With this new version, we’ve completely rebuilt the front end code for FoxyCart. The default templates are now fully-responsive, the javascript is event-driven and as decoupled from the DOM as we could make it, and the checkout flow is more user-friendly and accessible than ever. We’re really proud of what we've accomplished with, and are extremely excited to provide you with both a greatly improved default template as well as much more powerful customization.

Now it’s time for Beta testing - where we invite you to test it out and break it however you can and to please file bug reports when you do. FoxyCart 2.0 is not quite ready for production yet (see below roadmap), but it’s stable and ready for you to start testing and learning in preparation for release. (We've been using it ourselves for the past month.) Here’s how to get the beta:


  1. Make sure you’re using a test (non-live) store. This upgrade will definitely break custom integrations, and it will blow away your templates.
  2. Go to the test store's "settings" page and select 2.0 from the version dropdown. Again, this will break your template customizations.
  3. Go to the "sample code" and copy/paste the new CSS and JS includes into your site.


  • Update all snippets to work with new Javascript.
  • Finalize the templates (DOM and styling) and document how to extend them into your own templates.
  • Documentation! There's lots and lots of new functionality built to make your life as a dev easier, and it's currently available here. There are still "TODO" notes, and it's primarily intended for advanced devs at this point. We'll be doing major cleanup there.
  • Put the Twig templates on Github for easy viewing and access.
  • Put a CasperJS test suite up on Github for you to use yourself to do automated testing against your customizations.

Customization and Feedback:

  1. Don't attempt template customization at this point unless you're fine with things breaking occasionally. If you'd like to customize the template, please let us know by email. We are still working on documentation to make customizations easiest, and we'd really love your feedback!
  2. If you run into any bugs, design quirks, or other strangeness, please let us know and we'll do our best to get it resolved asap.

Thanks so much for your interest in testing v2.0. This is a massive new release for us, and we're very excited for your feedback.

—The entire FoxyCart team

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