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Can I have wholesale price levels and separate logins for wholesale clients?

While many of our users do indeed have special wholesaler, reseller, or affiliate pricing, this functionality is not built into FoxyCart, but would be handled on your end in whatever CMS or site building tool you decide to use.

The reason is that FoxyCart is not a CMS, so how you choose to display products is entirely up to you and how you build your site. Same thing with client registration. For example, and both have wholesaler/reseller areas with access to reduced prices or quantity discounts, but since FoxyCart isn’t the “site” there’s no way for FoxyCart to control who has access to what.

So it comes down to how you’re handling users on your end. There’s a bit of code to make this happen with MODx, and FoxEE for ExpressionEngine can handle some of this functionality. If you have another CMS of choice it’d certainly be possible, but if you’re not a programmer you might need to find somebody to help you.