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Can our customers buy and use credits to purchase products?


Yes and no. There are many different ways that a system like this could work, and FoxyCart could be used for a variety of approaches, but all methods would require some work on your end. Since FoxyCart isn’t a user management system or a CMS, FoxyCart could be used for portions of the system, but it would require other functionality on your end.


FoxyCart could easily be used to purchase the credits in the first place, then once the credits are issued (after using the XML datafeed to add credits to the appropriate user on your own system), you could just deduct credits as necessary on your end (separate from FoxyCart).


Alternately, you could set FoxyCart up to accept payments by both credit cards as well as purchase orders (as of v060+). You could configure FoxyCart’s Single Sign-On to do a pre-checkout validation. If the customer is purchasing credits, you could set a value in the transaction (a session attribute) indicating so, and the checkout could be set to hide the PO payment method and require a credit card for payment.

When the credits are purchased you would use the XML datafeed to apply the appropriate credit values to the appropriate user (using your own CMS or user management system).

Finally, when a customer attempts to purchase items (using credits), you would use the SSOfunctionality to:

  1. Lookup the customer’s available credits.
  2. Evaluate the cart. If insufficient credits exist, redirect the customer to a credit-purchasing page. Otherwise,
  3. Set a session attribute to indicate a purchase by credits, and allow the customer through to checkout.
  4. Hide the credit card payment method from your checkout, thus forcing the PO payment method. Optionally pre-fill a PO value and hide that field, and indicate to the customer that their purchase will be made with their available credits.
  5. Process the transaction using the XML datafeed and deduct the appropriate credits from the user account.


Again, this isn’t for the feint of heart, but multiple FoxyCart users have taken similar approaches. FoxyCart allows for a high degree of flexibility and integration, but it isn’t a turnkey solution for these types of advanced needs. If you have questions please post on our forum.