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Do you offer support for non-technical users?



Please bear with us in this explanation. We really do take your success and satisfaction seriously, but it’s helpful to explain some of the realities of support questions like this in order to have mutually rewarding relationship.


We understand the frustration that you may feel, but hopefully our position will make sense. FoxyCart provides a hosted e-commerce platform that is built to serve web professionals, who in turn serve their clients. There are many systems that are point-and-click, but they lack the power and flexibility that FoxyCart provides. For this reason, many web designers and developers choose FoxyCart to provide e-commerce functionality for their clients. It’s a fast, easy, flexible, powerful, and incredibly cost effective solution for custom e-commerce applications.


While the non-technical business owners and store managers are obviously a critical piece of the equation, so is the web professional that sits between FoxyCart and the non-technical user. While it may seem like a web professional is unnecessary once the site is up and running, that isn’t the case. Even without FoxyCart, all e-commerce systems need maintenance, security patching, and updating. This is beyond the ability of most non-technical users, and is critical to avoid liability and security issues.

With FoxyCart, many of these routine maintenance and security issues are handled on our end. But the web professional is still critical. If you experience an issue with your store, which will very likely happen eventually, the web professional is the one who knows your website, and who can diagnose problems. Sometimes there are bugs in FoxyCart itself, but 95% of the support requests we see from non-technical users have to deal with a misconfiguration outside of FoxyCart.


We do get requests for paid support quite often, but there are a few very important reasons why it doesn’t make sense.

As mentioned above, the vast majority of issues we do see are problems with the site itself, which isn’t part of the service FoxyCart provides. Once these issues are identified, we’re literally powerless to correct them, as we don’t have FTP access to your site, passwords to your database, a knowledge of the system your site is running on, or even the implications of making a change. So even when we do determine the problem, you’d still have to go back to your web professional to have them fix it. Were we to charge you to diagnose the problem it’d likely only add to the frustration, as you’ve now paid for knowledge of the solution, but you’ll still have to pay to implement it.

If we were to offer this sort of paid support, we’d be getting far beyond our core business model, and getting into a radically different territory. We’d stop being an e-commerce platform service provider, and become something more akin to a Geek Squad for websites. That might be a great business model, but it’s not our business model. Were we to branch out at this point it would only lead to unsustainable promises and poor service across the board.


Again, we do take all frustrations by our users very, very seriously. We hope that our explanation makes sense. As an online business, timely resolution of website problems can be critical. If your relationship with your web professional isn’t great, or if you’re looking for a change, please let us know. We have a growing list of web designers, developers, and firms that can provide service to clients large and small. But ultimately we want to make it clear that FoxyCart provides the platform, but simply cannot provide support for website issues beyond our control.

If you’d like to chat about this please use the form on the right. We appreciate all feedback.