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Does FoxyCart support offline credit card processing?


We will be phasing out support for offline processing in 2011. The reason for this change is simple:

We’ve found that many merchants choose the offline processing mode because they don’t want to pay the $10-$20+/mo for a gateway. The problem with this is clear: PCI DSScompliance easily costs well beyond $20/mo, so if a merchant is telling us they’re PCIcompliant to save $20/mo, they’re very likely not PCI compliant. Because this is our business and our risk on the line, we cannot continue to allow the offline processing to be used in that way.

There are certain situations where access to cardholder data may be required, and we are exploring additional plans for businesses that do need that access, but it will be handled differently than offline processing was handled in the past.

The previous answer to this FAQ is below:

FoxyCart does support offline processing, but requires PCI DSS compliance in order for us to enable that feature for a specific user account. Card information is stored and can be accessed in the FoxyCart admin, but is not sent in the XML datafeed.

Also, the CSC values are not stored by FoxyCart, as this is explicitly forbidden by PCI DSS(and as such, this is not something we are going to be changing). Most gateways’ virtual terminals do not require the CSC in order to process a transaction, but if yours does please let us know on our forums. There isn’t anything we can do other than suggest you contact your gateway, but we would like to know which virtual terminals require this info.