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How do I create a product? How do I import products?



FoxyCart is different than other e-commerce platforms in that you don’t create products in the FoxyCart admin. Instead you create products using links or forms to POST or GET the product information to your store’s FoxyCart cart URL. More details can be found in our documentation.

The reason for this behavior is because FoxyCart is built to avoid as much replication of data as possible. Since FoxyCart is not a CMS, if you had to import products into FoxyCart it’d do you no good since you’d still have to import your products into your CMS as well. You’d then have product information in two separate places, and maintaining synchronization between the two systems would be a headache (at best).


Downloadable products are the one exception to this behavior. Downloadable products areconfigured in your FoxyCart admin. More details about downloadable products are in our documentation.


Because FoxyCart doesn’t actually have any knowledge of your store’s products, there is nothing to import into FoxyCart. If you do need to migrate from one system to another you would need to explore your options to import into whatever new CMS you’re using. For example, if you’re moving from Yahoo Stores to Wordpress, importing products is much less a question of getting the products into FoxyCart as it is getting the products into Wordpress. So long as your new system can generate links or forms, FoxyCart will function as expected.