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Why are my cart, checkout, or receipt pages loading slowly?


The most common cause of slow page loads is a missing image or other asset that’s being cached. You can use the “net” panel of Firebug to diagnose which images might be failing to load. (Hint: It’s usually the image that takes forever to load.)

You can also open in a new tab each cached image that you see in the Net panel. If it’s working you’ll see the image cached. If it’s not you’ll see an error message.

If you’ve checked and double checked and the problem is not a missing image, it may be an incorrectly linked javascript or CSS file. Check the source code of your cart, checkout, or receipt page to make sure that all cached files are what you are expecting, and not rawHTML code. What can happen is you link to mystylesheet.css when you meant to link tomy_stylesheet.css. When FoxyCart’s automagicache caches your template it pulls in the HTML from a big ol’ 404 error page rather than the CSS or JS file you were expecting.