Why FoxyCart for Designers?

First impressions are critically important, in web design as in life. As a designer, your clients pay you not to find a $60 off the shelf template, but to deliver something unique for their own needs. We understand, and FoxyCart can help you better serve your clients in some of the following ways:

  • Make FoxyCart look like your designs. Have you ever designed something amazing only to realize it'd be nigh impossible to implement your design in whatever hideous system your client chose? We have. It sucks. With FoxyCart, you build the site however you'd like, in whatever site building system (CMS, framework, editor, etc.) you want. You simply add FoxyCart to your system when you're ready.
  • FoxyCart is Easy for non-programmers, though it does require at least enough HTML experience to build a link and copy/paste some scripts. But with FoxyCart you don't need to learn a whole new system to add ecommerce to your service offerings.
  • It's easy to extend with plugins, both while you (the designer) build the site, and for your client (the merchant) to use once you hand the site over. Go from Photoshop to a FoxyCart-powered ecommerce site with SiteGrinder 3; use Wordpress if you like it; set your client up with MailChimp or CampaignMonitor for email marketing; hook up Quickbooks or Shipwire or Shipworks. With a variety of integrations, there are plenty of options for both you and your clients.
  • We're big on education, and our forum is very active both with our team members and community members. If you're willing to learn, we're happy to teach :) Many of our users tell us that even though they had to get their hands dirty and learn a little more than had they gone with a turnkey solution, they ultimately had a much better handle not just on the web technology but also on the foundations of ecommerce than they'd expected.

Though ecommerce can be difficult, FoxyCart is unique in its approach, and the power doesn't necessarily mean you need to be a master programmer to get started. Indeed, many of our users have never built an ecommerce site before, and they report great success (and happy clients) with FoxyCart.