Why FoxyCart for Developers?

We were web developers building sites for clients, and we hated our ecommerce options. So we built FoxyCart to meet our needs (as developers). We’ve been told the result is something to write home about.

neck deep in @foxycart and have to say that i am actually not frustrated by a custom e-commerce build for the first time ever. love it!
—@NeverSettleIT via Twitter
FoxyCart seems to have found that Goldilocks-zone of ecommerce offerings; not doing too little and not doing too much. The SSO functionality was easier than I thought it'd be to implement and fits in almost perfectly with our requirements.
—Justin G, helpdesk

Use the CMS you already love.

FoxyCart is built to complement your own preferred tools, and as such can be integrated into anything, whether it’s hardcoded HTML, a dynamic CMS, or a custom framework. Use the best tools for each specific job, not a one-size-fits-all system.

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Easy to integrate.

At it’s simplest, FoxyCart can be added with just a link or form as an “add to cart” button. Never done ecommerce before? No problem.

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Stupidly powerful.

API. JSONP cart interaction. User syncing. Webhooks. FoxyCart gives you the power and flexibility you need, without the frustrations of big crufty all-in-one systems.

Completely designable.

Everybody says it, but if you have to bend over backwards to fit yourself inside somebody else’s box, is that really customizable? No, we didn’t think so either, so we built it better with our Automagic Template Caching.

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