The Cart:

Where all of the magic happens

The “cart” in “FoxyCart” is where your products are stored for each visitor to your website. The cart itself is highly flexible, allowing for unlimited customization potential via our automatic template caching or your own advanced JSONP implementations.

Some Quick FAQs

  • The cart can be completely bypassed, taking your customer straight to your checkout.
  • The cart can be completely visually customized and integrated into your existing site's designs.
  • The cart can be loaded full page, in a modal window, or completely custom via advanced javascript.
  • You can quickly and easy add a "mini-cart" functionality, showing a persistent "You have X products in your cart. Checkout now." type of display.

The Overlay Cart

By default, your FoxyCart-powered cart will appear in a "modal window", appearing on top of your website. This allows your customers to quickly and easily continue shopping, and it's also far faster than a full pageload. (And faster pageloads have been shown to directly impact your bottom line.)

It's not only fast. It's also full featured, and still completely customizable.

Customized and Flexible

Using our automatic template caching and a bit of CSS knowhow, you can easily customize the standard cart to match your site. At left is an example of a beautifully customized cart from (click for more screenshots). This takes a little HTML and CSS skill, but since FoxyCart is built for this type of customization, it's far easier than with most other systems.

Though many of our users just use the default cart templates, we really do like to see when people customize things.

Advanced Implementations & JSONP

If you have unique requirements and know what you're doing, FoxyCart offers near unparalleled flexibility thanks to our ability to interact with the cart via JSONP. In general, this will give you more flexibility than the default aproach, which loads the cart in an iframe, but it also allows you to get ridiculously advanced, like did with their custom bookmarklet.

It's not immediately clear, but the gray box on the right side of the screenshot is a FoxyCart-powered cart loaded via a bookmarklet on Very specific use case, but it shows the power and flexibility of FoxyCart in surprising ways.

Full-Page Cart

Though we generally recommend the modal-cart approach because it's less obtrusive and can be faster, there are times when the order flow, design, or target mandates a more traditional approach to the cart. You can easily modify your FoxyCart-powered cart to be loaded as a full page, much like Willa Skin Care has done on their beautifully designed site.

Examples of Cart in the wild