One-Page Checkout: Good.

Our Version: Even Better.

Find out how FoxyCart's checkout will make you more money by making it frighteningly easy for your customers to pay you.

One of the major pieces we wanted to simplify and improve upon when we started FoxyCart was the checkout page. In addition to making it a very dynamic one-page checkout, we also revolutionized (big hypey word, we know, but we feel it's true) the way customers choose between a guest checkout or creating an account.

No longer will your customers be presented with inputs for their email and password, only to submit the form and be told that they don't have a user, and that if they'd like to register they can click the teeny tiny link in the bottom right. Odds are they don't care about registering; they just want to buy your wares as quickly as possible. Our unique approach automatically determines whether the customer has an account, and also presents easy options to checkout as a guest user if desired (and configured for your store).

Make it yours. Make it gorgeous.

You know what's awful? Designing a gorgeous website only to realize that your ecommerce system of choice doesn't let you customize the checkout; or if it does, it's so table-based and crufty that you'd rather be pulling teeth than implementing your modern designs.

A non-customized checkout experience is visually and psychologically jarring to a potential customer. If your checkout experience is completely disjointed, all the trust and goodwill you've earned up to that point is jeopardized. Luckily, FoxyCart gives you near complete control with our Automatic Template Caching. Below are a few examples of customized checkouts. Click for bigger versions.

It's the little things that make all the difference.

Revolutionary New v. Returning Customer selection

Ever gone to a site to buy something "real quick", only to enter your email and password to receive an error that you have to register? Or tried to checkout as a guest only to be told that your email is already registered and you have to start over? We have. We hated it. We fixed it in the most unique and streamlined way ever.

Guest Checkout? No Problem.

Many systems support guest checkouts, and FoxyCart is no exception. But unlike most systems, FoxyCart may be the fastest and easiest path for customers to checkout, which means less room for error and more sales for you. Find out more.

Automatic Country Detection

Why should you trouble your customer with choosing their country from a gigantic dropdown list if you can set it automatically with 99%+ accuracy? … That's right. No reason at all, yet very few systems take our approach and use up-to-date GeoIP tables to save your customer the trouble.

Intelligent Auto-Suggestions

If your customer does need to change their country, or to select their billing or shipping state/province/county, we forgo the massive select box again in favor of a "find as you type" auto-suggestion system that we have refined specifically for things like alternate spellings and languages. Enter "España" or "Spain". We'll figure it out for the customer.

Custom Checkout Fields

Want to collect extra information from your customers at checkout? You have complete control, and any extra data you collect will be retrievable in the datafeeds, the API, your email receipts (optionally; you can flag custom fields as sensitive and they won't be included in the email), and your transaction history. Find out more.