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By default: *

First off, the custom subdomain option is entirely optional. Your store will be perfectly functional without it, but read on to understand what it is and when it might make sense for you.

By default, your store's FoxyCart functionality lives at *, where the "*" is the subdomain you've chosen in your store's settings. So it might be While this works well for many users, some merchants would prefer not to have the in the address bar during the checkout experience…

Go Custom: *

We understand this desire to have your domain maintained throughout the checkout flow, and have created the ability for you to map your own subdomain to the FoxyCart servers so you can have a fully branded checkout experience. So, instead of, your checkout could live at,,, or etc. (again, where is your own domain).


There are a few reasons to take this approach:

  • A custom subdomain presents the customer with the most seamless checkout flow available. While it does not provide any template customization functionality not otherwise available, it does remove the last trace of the FoxyCart name from your store's checkout flow.
  • A custom subdomain will have a SSL certificate with your store's information. While very few customers will actually examine this, for those that do it's a nice touch.
  • Custom subdomains allow for additional SSL options. (EV SSL, custom wildcard certs, etc.)
  • A custom subdomain can work around 3rd party cookie restrictions, which may make analytics or affiliate tracking much easier to accomplish.

Again, it's important to understand that this option has no impact on the security of your checkout. Either way, it's still just as secure.