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Guest checkouts for fun and profit.

FoxyCart gives you some really powerful features, and also other more fine-grained controls to help set up your checkout flow just how you want. Deciding whether or not your customers create accounts as part of the checkout or not is one of the latter, and FoxyCart allows you to choose any combination of the two:

  • Guest only
  • Account only (ie. require registration + password)
  • Guest + Account, default to guest
  • Guest + Account, default to account

The niceties here are closely related to FoxyCart's unique and revolutionary new v. returning customer detection, so make sure you see that as well.

Defaulting to Guest Checkout

Here's an example of what the first step of your checkout might look like if you have it allowing both guest and account-based checkouts, defaulting to guest. Notice that the only field displayed is the email field, making it easy for your customer to proceed quickly and easily.

Easy for New Guests

In the event that an email address is new to your system, FoxyCart will notify the customer that they can save their information if desired. You can customize this language if you'd like to change the text for your store.

Easy for Returning Customers

Even if "guest" is the default setting, if the customer's email is recognized from a previous transaction, FoxyCart will alert the customer and request the password. If entered, the data will be loaded immediately (without a pageload) and the customer can proceed through to verify their order. If the customer has forgotten their password (and the store is configured to allow guest checkouts) they can continue to checkout as a guest, or get a temporary password sent by email.

Examples of Guest and Account Checkout in the wild