It's fast.
Cheetah fast.

If you know whether a customer is new or returning, why make them figure it out?

Ever gone to a site to buy something "real quick", only to enter your email and password to receive an error that you have to register? Or tried to checkout as a guest only to be told that your email is already registered and you have to start over? We have. We hated it. We fixed it in the most unique and streamlined way your customers may have ever seen.

The key here though is that your customers shouldn't ever have to think about what they're doing. (There's a fantastic book called Don't Make Me Think that we recommend, if you're wondering about why customers shouldn't be made to think.)

Flexible Defaults

Here's an example of what the first step of your checkout might look like if you have it defaulted to accepting both guest and account-based checkouts, defaulting to account. Notice that the only field displayed is the email field, making it easy for your customer to proceed quickly and easily.

Easy for New Customers

In the event that an email address is new to your system, FoxyCart will prompt the customer to enter a password (twice) to save their data. If your store is configured to allow guest checkouts, the customer can (at any time) choose that radio button and bypass any password creation steps.

Easy for Returning Customers

If the customer's email is recognized from a previous transaction, FoxyCart will alert the customer and request the password. If entered, the data will be loaded immediately (without a pageload) and the customer can proceed through to verify their order. If the customer has forgotten their password (and the store is configured to allow guest checkouts) they can continue to checkout as a guest, or get a temporary password sent by email.

This functionality is closely related to FoxyCart's streamlined guest / account customer selection, and also can be locked down or bypassed entirely with Single Sign-On.

Examples of New vs. Returning Customers in the wild