Handle multiple clients

from a single login, and provide access as needed.

As web developers ourselves, one thing we hated was settling on a favorite system to build client sites, only to need multiple logins per client. Or needing to share a login with your client, or worse, letting your client share your password. Bad ideas, all of 'em.

Good for web professionals and firms.

What we wanted (and built for you) was one single login that we, as web developers, could use to access all of our clients' stores. Set up a store for Client A, work on it, add a new user for Client A to access their own store. Then (using your same admin login) create a new store for Client B, and create another user for them to access that store when it's ready for them.

Good for merchants with multiple employees.

This is also useful if you're a merchant who needs multiple people (say, yourself, a web dev, and your order management person) to access your store. This provides added security, a better audit trail, and if you ever need to add or remove users you can do so without impacting others.