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Handling your traffic spikes since 2007.

Like our security, our infrastructure is something that takes an immense amount of time and resources to set up and maintain. Because of this, many companies skimp on their infrastructure, or outsource it. For us, however, that's not an option both because:

  • We have very advanced needs in particular aspects of our systems, primarily for security reasons; and
  • Nobody will ever care about our systems or our users like we do.

The fact of the matter is that the more time we spend on making sure our systems are rock solid, the fewer emergencies we have, the happier our users are, and the better we'll sleep at night. We've spent tremendous time and money getting our systems to where they are, but our users are worth it.

Our Application Environment

The FoxyCart service is hosted on AWS, and is built to scale. In addition to providing an incredible stable platform, many of AWS's services are PCI compliant, which is a necessity for us. Their forward-thinking approach to infrastructure perfectly matches our requirements, and allows us to provide our users with the security and stability they demand.

Traffic Spikes?

Expecting traffic spikes? That's fantastic! Unless of course your ecommerce system can't handle it, resulting in lost sales, reputation, and customer goodwill. We test our systems to ensure we always have plenty of capacity for our users. If you're expecting serious spikes please let us know, but in our recent experience we've seen our users' sites fail long before our systems even break a sweat.

We'll be honest and disclose that it has taken us some time to get here, but we've been serving users since 2007 so we have had time and experience to grow and build the robust systems that we have today.

Our Content Delivery Network


Using EdgeCast CDN, one of the very top CDN's available today, allows us to serve files to your customers from over 20 points of presence over 4 continents. In ecommerce, fast pageloads translates directly to higher conversion rates, and we've spared no expense in making your FoxyCart assets load as fast as possible.

Monitoring & Testing

All the power in the world would be useless if we didn't know when a problem arose, so we have multiple different layers of monitoring checking all parts of our systems. These tests are numerous and specific, so if there's even a small issue for even a moment, no less than three of our team immediately receive text messages alerting us of the potential problem.

Between our own internal monitoring and our external monitoring (which tests from dozens of locations around the world), we can ensure that FoxyCart is functioning properly to users all over the world.

Our System Status & Communication

100% uptime is an impossibility, so in the event that there is a service interruption or scheduled maintenance window we communicate as openly and honestly as possible. Status updates are always available on our status site and Twitter. We know all too well that in a service interruption there's almost nothing worse than not knowing what's going on, so we update our status site within minutes of any issue, and we continue to update it frequently.