Built to integrate,

so this is kind of an important section.

Many systems have APIs today, and FoxyCart is no exception. However, few systems were built to integrate the way FoxyCart was, so for advanced integrations, the FoxyCart API is not just a "nice to have"; it's mission critical. As such, it allows for a variety of actions needed to achieve extremely tight integrations:

  • Customers (retrieve, search, create, modify)
  • Transactions (retrieve, search)
  • Subscriptions (retrieve, search, modify, cancel))
  • Attributes (name/value pair data that can be set on Customers, Transactions, & Subscriptions; retrieve, search, create, modify)
  • Store JavaScript Includes (retrieve)
  • Automatic Template Caching (initiate)
  • Categories (retrieve)
  • Downloadable Products (retrieve)
  • Datafeeds (initiate, re-initiate)

And… The NEW Hypermedia API.

We currently have a completely rebuilt API that is fully RESTful with Hypermedia (HATEOAS, worst acronym ever), and will allow for complete control over your FoxyCart store, from store creation to configuration.

Examples of API in the wild