Data from us to you.

Instantly, encrypted, and with lots of love.

What our datafeeds are?

FoxyCart's instant datafeeds (aka "webhooks") are a relatively simple idea with far-reaching benefits. It's simply FoxyCart pushing data to an endpoint of your choosing, allowing your systems to receive all of the data from transactions that just took place, and do with it what you will.

There are two separate datafeeds: the "transaction datafeed" and the "subscription datafeed". The former gets sent immediately upon a successful transaction, so by the time the customer lands on the FoxyCart-generated receipt page, your system already has the data from the transaction. (It's all the data except that the payment card number is masked, and the security code is excluded as it storing it is prohibited by PCI DSS.)

The subscription datafeed, on the other hand, is sent daily, and includes lists of subscriptions that are have past due amounts, have an associated payment method soon to expire, or are scheduled to be cancelled. This can be useful for advanced recurring billing integrations, and is what we ourselves use to bill our users for FoxyCart's service.

And how to use them?

The uses of the datafeeds are many and varied, and are generally paired with the API, since the datafeeds are our systems pushing data to yours, and the API is your system pushing data to ours.

Some of the common uses of the transaction datafeed include:

  • Decreasing inventory levels in your own system when orders are placed.
  • Adding customers to a mailing list.
  • Notifying a fulfillment company of an order.
  • Creating a user in your CMS for later use with Single Sign-On (SSO).
  • Granting (transaction datafeed) or restricting (subscription datafeed) site access when doing recurring billing.

Ultimately, what you do with the datafeeds are up to you, but they are an indispensible part of any advanced FoxyCart integration. We use them ourselves to handle FoxyCart store provisioning and billing, and we hope that you get good use out of them too.

Examples of Datafeeds / Webhooks in the wild