Your users.
Your customers.

One single password on your system and ours.

You know what’s worse than having to login once? Having to login twice. Our Single Sign-On functionality was created to help make the jump between your site (where customers may already be logged in) to the FoxyCart checkout (where they have to login to receive their account information) completely seamless.

With SSO, when a customer hits your FoxyCart-powered checkout, FoxyCart will first redirect the user back to an endpoint of your choosing. From there you can determine if the user is currently logged in, and if so you'll send them back to the checkout, already logged in with the checkout prepopulated with whatever information is available. If they're not logged into your system, they can log in there and be validated against user accounts that are synced between your website and the FoxyCart checkout.

When paired with the datafeeds, the API, and our flexible password hashing, SSO allows you many different possible workflows to fit your requirements, but the most common are the following two:

  • Customers can checkout first on FoxyCart, with the customer details synced back to your system using the webhook. Or they can first register on your site, and you'd use the API to create the customer record in FoxyCart when needed. (This is the recommended approach.)
  • Customers must be logged into your site first, and cannot purchase unless they're logged into your system.

Your site. Our checkout. Only one password for your customers to remember.

Other uses of SSO

In addition to using SSO to authenticate users, you can also use it as a sort of custom pre-checkout validation. This could be useful to ensure your customers:

  • aren't ordering more or less items than may be required;
  • aren't getting a discount or price range they aren't authorized to get;
  • have entered any additional information (referrer values, coupon codes, etc.);
  • have registered through your system's own registration process;
  • have been presented with cross-sell or up-sell opportunities.

Because you can control when and how a customer gets to your checkout, and what to do with them prior, the options are endless.