Speak to your customers

In their language.

We understand that the world doesn’t only speak English (or even our specific dialect)—on our own team alone we have 3 different nationalities and 5 different languages spoken. This is why each piece of customer-facing text used in FoxyCart is editable to whatever you need, whether that be to a whole different language or just to a different dialect.

We also have a number of translations already in the system including Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, French, German, Chinese, Norwegian, and Italian.

Full Disclosure

We are working towards allowing multiple "template sets", which would allow for a single store to support multiple languages. (As is, you'd need a separate FoxyCart store per language, which is an approach many users have taken successfully, but is less than ideal.) It's not here yet, but it is in the plans. Please vote for that request to be notified when it's available.