FoxyCart is proud to be a

PayPal Partner

What does this mean?

Being a PayPal Gold Partner benefits you, the FoxyCart user, in a few ways. Most importantly, it provides you with the confidence that FoxyCart has gone through the certification with PayPal to ensure that our systems interface with PayPal exactly as they should. We have certified with:

  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Website Payments Pro
  • PayPal Payflow Pro

In addition to putting our systems through PayPal's certification process, we are a Gold Partner based on the volume of transactions that our system sends through to PayPal every year. Because of this, we have a wonderful account rep, which allows us to communicate directly with PayPal when one of our users have any issues related to FoxyCart's PayPal integrations.

View our PayPal Partner page.

Why PayPal?

More payment options means more sales. Add credibility and trust to your site when you add PayPal. Set-up is a snap, processing costs are low, and PayPal gives you access to over 100 million active online buyers who look for the PayPal way to pay! Millions of successful retailers add PayPal to streamline checkout and boost sales.

PayPal Credit