Accept Donations.

FoxyCart helps non-profits raise funds faster, easier, more affordably.

For many non-profits, donations are far more than a normal "business" requirement; they're personal, often life-saving funds going to those in need. We understand it’s vitally important for your donors to have a truly easy way to give to the cause. (We also understand that donors often are well beyond the average age for internet users, and FoxyCart has consistently received praise from our users reporting that their non-technical users have trouble-free experiences checking out.) One of our non-profit users relayed this to us:

The site has had 300+ successful [donors] without any major issues. It’s hard to have a group of 300 people have the same consistant result at anything but with FoxyCart it appears to have happened. I am very thankful for this streamlined approach and user friendly interface.

Products + Donations = Just Fine

Many of our non-profit users ask if they can sell products as well as accept donations, on the same account. Though you may need to check with your merchant account provider, it is totally doable in FoxyCart.

Flexible Donations Forms

Because FoxyCart doesn't actually build your site or manage your "products", you're free to build any type of donation form you'd like, be it simple or complex. Take a look at some of the examples below to see how other non-profits have used FoxyCart to make life easier for their donors.

Examples of Donations in the wild