Go beyond products

and get functionality you can't otherwise.

In addition to products in FoxyCart being so flexible, FoxyCart's "product categories" provide some additional functionality, mostly for defaults and values that cannot be set on a per-product basis. For example, product categories handle:

When and Why to Use Product Categories

Many stores get by with just one single product category. So why would you need multiple? It really comes down to the list above, and whether or not you need to segment products by any of those criteria.

For example, if you had one store that accepted donations, sold physical products, and also did conference registrations, you might want to have 3 categories to set different tax rates, shipping options, and email notifications. Your donations category likely shouldn't be taxed, and the event category might need to generate an additional email to the customer (explaining lodging and travel plans) as well as to the event registrar (who might need email notifications for conference registrations but not notifications for general store purchases).

It comes down to what you need, but when you do find yourself wanting to group products like this, FoxyCart has you covered.