The Receipt…

And all the wonderful things you can do with it.

The FoxyCart receipt is much like the checkout in terms of how it can be customized, but obviously the function of the receipt is to display the information about the successful transaction that just took place on the checkout. While it might sound rather dull, the receipt is actually quite an exciting place to be, for a few reasons:

  • It means your store just made money!
  • Analytics and goal funnel tracking happens here.
  • Advertising and campaign tracking happens here.
  • Affiliate sales tracking happens here.
  • Downloadable products are linked to from the receipt.

How to access the receipt?

The receipt is what the customer sees immediately after a successful transaction, and it is also emailed to the customer (and optionally to your store email address).

In addition to these immediate displays of the receipt, each receipt has a unique URL where it can be accessed later. This link can be included in the receipt emails themselves or retrieved via the API for you to display however you'd like. (This link is also available from the "transactions" report page in your FoxyCart admin.)

Redirecting from the receipt

FoxyCart allows you to set an explicit URL for your users to click when they continue from the receipt back to your site. Because you have near complete control of the receipt, however, you could easily set your own logic to set custom (or automatic) redirects if needed. This doesn't come up often, but enough people ask us about this that we felt it worth including on this page. If you need this functionality, the receipt affords you this level of customization.

Examples of Receipts in the wild