By land, by sea, by golly.

Understanding FoxyCart's Shipping and handling functionality.

If you're selling physical products that require shipping to get to your customers, FoxyCart provides many different ways to calculate shipping from point A (your store) to point B (your customer):

  • Live rates based on weight from USPS, FedEx, and UPS (including the ability to use your own accounts to receive account-specific discounts).
  • Flexible handling fees, based on product categories, cart quantity, or order total.
  • Custom $0 options for "in store pickup" and "free ground shipping" (both of which can be relabeled).

Advanced Options

Though slightly more involved to get going (and we can help you with the setup), FoxyCart also offers many other types of shipping approaches such as tiered flat-rate or other custom options. These, however, do require a bit of custom code. Though we realize this isn't ideal, we are working on a shipping rebuild.

What FoxyCart Doesn't Do

FoxyCart is not an order management solution, and doesn't yet offer native integration for label generation with shipping carriers. That said, there are a variety of shipping integrations should you need more advanced integration.

Examples of Shipping and Handling in the wild