Multiple shipping addresses.

Still just a one-page, intuitive checkout. Only with FoxyCart.

What is "multi-ship"?

FoxyCart's “Multi-Ship” functionality allows for a single order to contain multiple “sub-orders” of sorts, each of which can be shipped to a separate address. While this option really doesn't make much sense for a “normal” store, it can be a fantastic option for merchants selling things like gifts, cookies or desserts, or other items that typically are purchased by one person but shipped to multiple locations.

While it is a little more advanced than the standard single-ship checkout process, it's really not that bad, and can be a very profitable feature if the product and target market are right.

What it looks like

Though you have significant flexibility when it comes to how to display the multi-ship functionality, a nicely customized example is on the right. Notice that the customer would set the desired recipient when the product is added to the cart, and that the products are grouped in the cart and checkout.

You can also add custom checkout fields that are shipto specific, so each "ship to" block on the checkout would have the custom field, repeated per shipment. This is useful for delivery instructions, gift messages, and many other things.'s order form, with multi-ship's cart, with multi-ship's checkout, with multi-ship