Tenacious. Awesome. Killer.

Our support has been called this and more.

We try hard and care deeply. We also do very little "traditional" marketing, instead relying on word-of-mouth and the recommendations of happy users. This approach has allowed us to serve our users as we'd like to be served, to troubleshoot and educate to the best of our abilities.

It is a documented phenomenon that just thinking about the FoxyCart support team fixes problems. :-)

Lance via forum

Who Our Support is For

Our support is primarily geared towards web professionals with at least basic understanding of HTML. Because FoxyCart is uniquely built for web professionals, and is not a turnkey solution, we can't do very much in the way of support if you don't know anything about building a website. In situations like that, or when advanced functionality is required that we can't realistically help with, we will gently recommend a developer to help make your project a success.

To say it a different way: We're here to help you make your FoxyCart integration a success, but unfortunately we aren't able to build your integration for you :)

Types of Support

We offer a community forum (staffed by FoxyCart team members) and email support. In general, we have more team members hitting the forum, so your best bet is to post there and we will respond as quickly as possible. For our advanced plan we also offer live chat and phone support. If you require a custom support package, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Phone Support

We'll be honest here and let you know that while we do have a phone, and we will answer and try to help if you need support, the phone generally isn't the best way to discuss the code-related issues that make up the bulk of our support requests. For our advanced and enterprise users, phone support is available during US business hours (all timezones).

We've been told…

Bang, worked like a charm. You guys deserve medals or beers for your stellar level customer support.

wadeferd via forum

You have such killer support! That alone has convinced me about Foxy.

dave via helpdesk

Thanks for your help on this. The support you guys provide is fantastic.

Joshua J. via helpdesk

Once again, it’s the quality of the service and support that you offer that makes FoxyCart so appealing to developers such as myself.

jusblaz via forum

I’ve never said this to any software or service provider before, but you guys really do a great job of providing customer support. It’s greatly appreciated especially to an ecommerce novice.

bodhiC via forum

All of my questions answered quickly and correctly!!! You have no idea how rare that is (or maybe you do!) So thank you very much :)

jayesel via forum