Shadowbox Cart

Uses Shadowbox to display the FoxyCart cart, rather than the default modified Thickbox. learn more ▸

Self Hosted Downloads

This allows clients to purchase downloadable products (such as software) through FoxyCart! and yet host and manage those products on their own server, or even using shared hosting. The client is emailed a unique, secure download link which will provide them with thei… learn more ▸

Custom Receipt

Creates a receipt email (with the cart), much like FoxyCart itself does. This can be useful if you need advanced receipt customization or translation into different languages. learn more ▸

Multiship Javascript

Quickly and easily add multiple ship-to addresses to your FoxyCart site by including a single javascript file and adding a few classes to your “add to cart” forms. learn more ▸


Intercepts the FoxyCart XML Datafeed and hands it off to two or more other URLs for processing. This allows a single datafeed to be used by more than one script. A response of “foxy” is returned to FoxyCart only if ALL secondary script… learn more ▸