Free Real-time Analytics

Lexity Live is a free real-time analytics tool for FoxyCart that lets you see who is in your store now, what pages they are viewing, which products they are putting in the shopping cart, and more.


What Lexity Users Say

"Lexity Live has that fascination factor. You get this connection to your customer when you can see someone come in and look around, right when they're doing it…I keep Lexity Live open in a tab all the time and check it half a dozen times a day…My daughter says I'm addicted. I think she's right."
–Cheryl Rowland, Creative Merchandise Store

"It's convenient and easy to use; in other analytics tools you have to click through multiple pages to get the same thing." 
–Del DeJean, www.NaturalTarot.com

"I just can't stop looking at Lexity Live. Maybe it's an obsessive compulsive thing. If it's not already on in the morning, it's the first thing I turn on when I get out of bed."
–Guy Martin Smalley, MacModify

Learn More

Learn more at foxycart.lexity.com, where you can also chat with Lexity representatives live.

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