BLUcart e-Commerce for MODX Revolution & FoxyCart

BLUcart bridges the huge divide between content management and e-commerce, made possible with two amazing systems; MODX, quite possibly the best all-round Content Management System and FoxyCart, arguably the fastest checkout experience available today.

MODX Revolution lacks a robust and flexible e-commerce solution, BLUcart is the first true native shopping system made possible with the awesomeness of FoxyCart. Actively maintained, patched and completely supported, BLUcart brings a new level of e-commerce to MODX without sacrificing design, flexibility and security.

Some of the many features of BLUcart...

  • Full FoxyCart API integration
  • Unlimited products, categories and product variables
  • Full Fashion Matrix Inventory
  • Discount products globally or a specific variation of a product
  • Drag and drop product tree for fast product categorising
  • Manage product images and other media in seconds
  • Native RMA and Order Fulfilment Management
  • Customise templates to your exact needs using MODX chunks & template variables
  • Import & export customers to and from MODX or FoxyCart
  • Easy to use UI utilising the power of extJS
  • Completely scalable solution for MODX
  • Extend BLUcart using MODX services and object model
  • Scalable Global Cloud Hosted Solution available in 6 locations (Rackspace Partner)


Monthly license start from as little as £14.95 per month


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