Tired of manually entering orders into QuickBooks? You don't have to!

ConsoliBYTE's Connector for FoxyCart + QuickBooks is designed to automate the process of moving your FoxyCart orders into QuickBooks. Save time and eliminate data entry errors by automatically pushing customers, items/products, and orders into QuickBooks directly from your FoxyCart store.

  • Customers automatically added to QuickBooks: If a customer is new, the connector will create them in QuickBooks automatically, with all customer information (name, phone number, e-mail address, shipping and billing address, etc.)
  • Items/products automatically added to QuickBooks: If an item/product is new, the connector will create it in QuickBooks. Don't worry, it will re-use existing items in QuickBooks too!
  • Orders automatically added to QuickBooks: Orders are automatically added to QuickBooks, along with all order details (shipping address, billing address, products sold, quantities, options, ship method, etc.).
  • Configurable order entry: Orders can be entered in a variety of formats: Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Invoices, Payments, and more!
  • Flexible options: The connector is extremely configurable, so that customers, items, and orders come into QuickBooks exactly as you want them to, with exactly the information you need (including product options, ship and payment methods, classes, and more!)
  • Inventory syncing: If you track inventory, orders from FoxyCart will decrease inventory available in QuickBooks. The connector can also relay inventory stock levels back up to your website.

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