Drive faster revenue growth with innovative lifecycle email marketing software powered by your very own world-class email marketing team.

Rejoiner TeamYour eCommerce email marketing team

Rejoiner helps FoxyCart customers

  • Maximize lifetime revenue per customer with highly personalized cart abandonment, post-purchase, welcome series, win-back and replenishment email campaigns.
  • Reduce their cart abandonment rate up to 15% and uncover hidden revenue with automated multistage email sequences at times you schedule.
Measure your abandonment rate and uncover hidden revenue
  • Custom design and hand-code responsive email templates that match your brand’s look & feel.
  • Proactively optimize campaigns with personalization, segmentation, A/B testing and more to consistently maximize revenue from every email campaign.
Segmentation Example

Segmentation example from the Rejoiner application

A/B Testing
Run A/B split and hold tests to maximize revenue & engagement

Rejoiner is a monthly fee ranging from $1000 - $2500 per month, that includes access to our world-class email marketing team that creates, launches and optimizes your lifecycle email campaigns for you.

You also get unlimited email sends, no caps on list size or revenue, and no commission on sales. After requesting a demo, our team will integrate Rejoiner with your FoxyCart store so you can start capturing valuable data and sending data-driven triggered emails.

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