FoxyWire is the only "out of the box" integration between FoxyCart and Shipwire that can be set up for free, in under 30 minutes, without any programming knowledge. Orders from your FoxyCart store are transferred to Shipwire in real-time, with a full audit history. Just point your FoxyCart datafeed at FoxyWire (you'll get a personalized URL endpoint) and input your Shipwire API information - FoxyWire does the rest. Each time a customer places an order on your FoxyCart store, FoxyWire will receive the order, run quality checks to make sure there are no errors, then send the order along to Shipwire for fulfillment. Sign up with FoxyWire and start shipping - it doesn't get any easier (or cheaper).

FoxyWire Features
  • Sends FoxyCart orders to Shipwire for fulfillment automatically and in real-time.
  • Maintains a full audit history of all orders received from FoxyCart and sent to Shipwire.
  • Automatically detects and merges duplicate orders.
  • Automatically ignores non-shippable products (downloads, pickups, etc).
  • Completely FREE - no monthly charges to use FoxyWire.

FoxyWire is now part of FoxyTools Order Desk.

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