The Sitemason Store is a full featured, enterprise-level commerce solution that utilizes the feature-rich FoxyCart platform.  By integrating with FoxyCart, we can offer a secure, PCI compliant shopping cart to sell your products no matter if they're physical, downloadable or even subscription based. Additionally, FoxyCart handles secure credit card processing, common carrier shipping integrations (like USPS, FedEx & UPS), and complicated tax rule handling.

Using Sitemason's user-friendly interface, we've built a commerce tool to provide product management, inventory tracking & order handling to give you, the user, complete control over the products and services you offer to your clients.

Sitemason Features

  • Product Management - Add, remove & edit products
  • Subscription Support
  • Inventory Tracking - Decrement inventory quantity as purchases are made. Set max or min purchases per order
  • Backorder Handling - If your hot item sells out, prevent backorder, or provide a helpful message like "Back in Two Weeks."
  • Availability - Set when a product is for sale by date or time for those seasonal items.
  • Fulfillment integration with Mailer's Choice
  • Related items, video descriptions, multiple images & so much more
  • Replace "Fulfillment integration with Mailer's Choice" with "Order Exports"


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