Tutorial on how to setup modal window and products in Squarespace.

Integrating Squarespace with Foxycart could not be simpler. Here is a step by step break down of how easy it is to get your store up and rolling with Squarespace.


Once you have your basic store set up in Foxycart, grab the sample code provided. In Squarespace go to website management / website settings / extra header code. Paste the sample code into the editor and be sure to click update information to save changes.


In SQSP using an html page or even a journal module page works well for a shop. Once you have opened a page module and configured in SQSP - head back over to your Foxycart store - grab the sample form code and insert the html onto your shop page in SQSP to get you going.


In your Foxcart store, set up your categories, pricing, shipping, coupons etc. Place your cart in test mode to allow you to test the cart operation before you go live.


In SQSP editor window you can fine tune your code based on option drop downs, pricing and thumbnail images in the cart. See foxycart Wiki for details.


In your Foxycart store set up you will be able to monitor your transactions, errors and other store details. You will be able to purchase from your cart and recieve transaction emails while your store is in test mode. Once you happy with how things are working you can connect your store to a live merchant account and launch your ecommerce.

Foxycart features we love to integrate:

  • Guest and account Checkout
  • Custom products and options
  • Automatic Template Caching
  • Product Thumbnails inside the cart
  • Product Categories • Coupon codes
  • Transaction emails • Customer receipts
  • Live shipping rates
  • Foxycart mini cart
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