FoxyPress is a FREE shopping cart and product management tool that integrates with FoxyCart's e-commerce solution to help you get your store up and running quickly and efficiently. Take an in-depth look at some of our major features below, aimed to help alleviate the stress of building your site, so you can focus on making your products shine.

The FoxyPress Team bases their features on their customers' needs, so if you don't see a tool you need, they will build it for you. For more information, to submit a request, or to download the FoxyPress plug-in, visit

Product Management That Allows You to Showcase Your Inventory Like a Rockstar

  • Add as many photos and options as needed to show off your goods
  • Organize inventory into one or more categories so customers can find them with ease
  • Sort products via an easy drag and drop user interface
  • Digital downloads can be automatically delivered to paying customers via e-mail

Order Management Makes Tracking and Customer Communications Effortless

  • View order details in one organized location, including new orders, history, status, and shipping
  • Set up automatic e-mails to customers letting them know items have been paid for and are on their way
  • Utilize flexible shipping options and print full and partial packing slips

PHP API Gives You the Freedom to Customize

  • Developers are able to create custom page templates using FoxyPress' PHP API
  • Place products anywhere on your site, from the home page slider to a grid... however you need them displayed
  • Allow customers to see their order status at any time (via API)

An Affiliate System Helps You Manage the People Helping You Sell

  • Affiliates can sign up using a simple form
  • An easy to scan grid allows you to view your affiliates and set up a method of payment for each
  • In a few clicks, you can approve users and set their specific affiliate attributes, such as discounted amounts and more
  • Pay out your affiliates for their hard work in a few simple clicks, storing the date and payment method.

Hot New Themes Make You LOOK Great

  • New 'Flyer' and 'Billboard' themes allows you to be a designer and customize the visual elements of your site, including fonts, colors and the home page slider
  • Create product categories and automatically get a page to house those products. No more messing with code and custom fields!
  • Manipulate your logo, favicon, and much more!
  • Add and manage your advertising into cool blocks of content on the home page

Features Are Created Based on YOUR Feedback

The FoxyPress Team listens to you. Unlike competitors, their feature lists come directly from customers who send requests their way. They pride themselves in excellent support to ensure your site is up and running exactly as you envisioned. Why would they do business any other way?

For more information and to download the FREE FoxyPress plug-in, visit

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