FoxyShop was built to make the integration of FoxyCart and WordPress a breeze. Products are easy to manage and the flexible templates make it easy for developers to quickly build their storefront. The FoxyShop plugin is exhaustively documented, actively maintained, and completely free.

Just a Few of the FoxyShop Features:

  • Fully customizable theme files and CSS
  • Automatic product and category pages
  • Unlimited images per product with popup slideshow or image zooming
  • Widget support for featured categories
  • Manage product inventory within the WordPress admin
  • Flexible and chainable product variations
  • Set up product categories and subcategories
  • Drag-and-drop product sorting
  • Complete integration with Google Product Search API
  • Sale pricing with optional date controls
  • Supports digital products and subscriptions
  • Lets your customers send you a file with add-to-cart
  • Allow WordPress users to checkout with their account
  • UPS WorldShip integration
  • Internationalization support
  • Field validation to prevent form tampering
  • Lots more... See Complete Feature List!

Please see for a demo store, FAQs, documentation, and free download.

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